Coral #YourCall Explained

Every now and again a new betting opportunity hits the industry and changes the way we punt forever. It has happened a few times in the past, with both teams to score and cash out serving as perfect examples, and we’re excited to say it has happened again; the latest development will have a lasting effect on how you approach your sports bets. Let’s look at Coral #YourCall.

Sportsbetting is ever more popular. Overnight the major names in the business – familiar faces on the high-street – had to battle for our custom with a host of new start-up businesses. Hard work for them, but great news for punters. We’re now in a golden age of betting where customer is king and bookies are literally falling over themselves to catch your eye, offering outlandish welcome offers; price boosts and new markets promising more ways to win big.

Things are so crammed, that no sooner has a new betting idea hit the market than it’s being rolled out across the board, being offered by every firm worth their salt. Remember both teams to score? A stunning release that took the pressure off having to pick a winner and gave backers an interest for the entire match, your bet live from the kick-off until the final shot at goal.

We flocked to bet with the first bookie to offer BTTS; however, in a matter of weeks you could find the same bet at most firms, just with a slightly different name. Both teams to score soon became goals galore, goal rush and whatever spin marketing teams could put on it to hide the fact it was blatant copying. Upsetting for the creators, but punters didn’t lose any sleep over it.

More Than Another Fad

We’ve also seen a fair share of supposed game-changers that ended up little more than fads, tried out a few times before becoming tiresome and abandoned for another craze. Build your own bet doesn’t seem destined for that fate, however. Here, we appear to have something that’s going to last the test of time and will develop with the industry. The reason for that is it can be applied to all manner of sports and is flexible.

Before we take a look at the build a bet feature – named #YourCall by Coral for marketing reasons – we must take a quick glance back at the industry to see where we’ve come from and why this release had such an impact on gambling, making a massive impression on backers.

Picture the scene. It’s less than five football seasons ago and you walk into your local bookmakers or spark up your shiny new sports betting app. For the purpose of this example, we’ll use a Premier League match between Manchester United and Manchester City at Old Trafford on 10 September 2016. You’ve done your research, worked out your stake and returns and have a great bet you are convinced will boost your bank balance.

Your bet slip looks like this…


  • Man City win
  • Both teams to score
  • Ibrahimovic to score anytime
  • Rooney to be booked

£10 win

On paper it looks a good bet; however, when skipping up to the counter with your stake, or pressing confirm on your app, you are met with a nasty surprise that threatens to spoil your enjoyment of the game.

Followers of the English football top-flight will remember the bet was a winner. Man City won 2-1, Ibrahimovic scored on 42 minutes and Rooney was booked by referee Mark Clattenburg.

That’ll Never Do

If you had placed the bet successfully you would’ve landed a tidy profit. Problem is, bookies wouldn’t have accepted it, refusing your stake with the explanation it was a related bet. It was against their rules and you would’ve been advised to place four singles at much reduced returns.

That’ll never do and, eventually, the trading teams realised it as punters grew uneasy. Cue the arrival of Coral’s #YourCall feature which combined our love of social media with the gap in the market that existed due to a ban on related bets.

Here’s what #YourCall does and why it has become so successful in such a short space of time…

We all know football fans love Twitter, taking to the social media platform to give opinions and tips before kick-off, commenting during the match and either gloating or criticising seconds after the full-time whistle. Traders realised there was money to be made from this new trend. #YourCall aims to bring Twitter, sports fans and sports betting together.

If you look at a match and have a bet in mind that doesn’t appear in one of the hundreds of pre-match markets – odd, but it doesn’t happen more often than you’d think – then you can take to Twitter and tweet your idea to the Coral traders using the #YourCall. Then, if they like what they see and think there will be enough interest in the bet amongst others, they will quote a price, add it into the system and send you a direct link to make your bet.

Great News

That’s great news for punters, meaning we can all enjoy the match in our very own way, cheering on anything from corners to assists. Modern gambling is all about putting you in charge. With #YourCall you can play the part of trader and punter. It’ll make the win all the sweeter knowing you created the bet yourself and, what’s more, the fact it’ll be added to the site means other like-minded punters can have a go too, so you could be responsible for backers all over the country beating the bookies thanks to your foresight and research.

Even if you don’t already have a bet in mind, this promo gives us a chance to have a play on something a bit different and you’ll get plenty more for your stake money as you combine markets from across the board. If you do fancy a pop at #YourCall but can’t think what to suggest, all you have to do is visit the football section, choose your match and then activate the #YourCall section. There you will find bets that have been suggested by other punters, accepted by traders with a price attached. Pick the bet bundle from the list that best suits you and click the price to add it to your bet slip. It’s then a case of entering your stake and confirming the bet.

Coral’s #YourCall is growing in popularity; however, it’s worth remembering it’s still in the development stage and has some bit to go yet. At present the promotion doesn’t apply to all leagues in world football; however, it does cover some of the most important ones and we’re certain the list will expand over the coming months to give you more choice.

Competitions and Markets

The current divisions and competitions that allow #YourCall bets to be placed are…

  • Premier League
  • Championship
  • Champions League
  • La Liga
  • Serie A

It’s also the case that not all markets are included, which is a bit of a surprise. However, like above, we’re sure the numbers will grow, and players will see more and more options in the future, especially as more bets are placed on the promo and interest continues to grow.

The current match betting markets you can include in #YourCall bets are…

  • Match Result
  • Both Teams To Score
  • Total Match Goals
  • The Total Match Corners
  • Total Match Booking Points

There’s also a number of player stats bets you can have, such as a player to be shown a card, to score first, last or anytime, shots at goal, passes, assists, tackles, and plenty more besides. It’s not yet the complete package, as already touched upon, but it is moving in the right direction and we’re happy to say there’s more than enough there to give you a healthy interest.

It’s worth noting that #YourCall doesn’t just apply to football, it’s being rolled out across a number of sports and you can bet on the likes of NBA basketball, for example, combining markets like Money Line, Total Points, assists, rebounds, 3-point goals, 2-point shots, steals and blocks.

Build a Bet

These bets can be placed on your desktop or through the Coral mobile app and it’s the same across both platforms. Mobile betting is fast becoming the most popular way to place your wagers and you’ll be glad to learn making #YourCall bets is fast and easy through your mobile, regardless of if you’re suggesting a bet to the traders on Twitter using @Coral or are searching through the list of bets suggested by others and available to follow.

You can also combine a number of match markets together in the build a bet feature. Every match included in the list above has a build a bet tab at Coral. Just choose your fixture, click the tab and pick from the markets and prices offered. Then every time you click a price it’ll add it to your bet slip and, when finished, you’ll see all selections and the overall price if all win. Select your stake and click bet.

As always with these types of betting promotions, there are the usual terms and conditions to be aware of, but we’ve read through the list and there’s nothing here that’s going to come as a shock to you. Below you’ll find a few of the T&Cs we’ve picked out to keep in mind when betting…


All bets are 90 minutes and stoppage-time only. That means anything that happens in extra-time and penalties doesn’t count towards your bet. When the whistle sounds for the end of the 90 minutes your bet will then be settled as a winner or loser.

Own Goals

Own goals don’t count towards player stats. For example, an own-goal will count in some of the match markets, like total goals and correct score, but it won’t matter in your first goal scorer bets. So, if you’ve had a bet on the first goal scorer in a match and the opener is an OG, your bet is still live and it’ll simply move on to the next goal scorer. That’s great news.


Any cards shown to players before or after the match won’t count towards the final tally. If your player is booked during active play then that will count towards your player stats bets or total bookings, but if he’s shown a card, for whatever reason, after the full-time whistle, that will have no bearing on your bet.


Location for shots are determined by the position of the ball when the attempt at goal is made – inside or outside the six-yard box, inside or outside the 18-yard box. If the ball is on the line when shooting the bet will be settled as inside that particular area. For example, if a shot is made on the line of the 18-yard box, it’ll be settled as inside the 18-yard box.


A pass is defined, in betting terms, as an intent to pass the ball from one player to another member of his team. Total pass bets include all open-play passes that fall into the category explained, goal kicks, corners, free kicks. Keeper throw outs to a teammate aren’t counted, neither are throw ins. Crosses are considered passes, as long as they are first met by a member of the same team.

Booking Points

When betting on the total number of booking points you should be aware of how these are calculated. Every yellow card shown counts as 10 points, every red card is 25 points and a sending off that results from two yellows is capped at 35, 10 for the yellow and then 25 for the red. However, when betting on player stats bookings, the total number of cards they can be shown is three – two yellows and the red.

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